Guard Services

Guard Services – Static Guarding/Guard House

SSM has a large client base and abundant experience providing guard house security services. SSM has acquired an exceptional reputation for providing professional guard services as a natural extension of the client’s workforce. To ensure the transition process to client requirements runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, we assess all components of the facilities preferred procedures and desired outcomes.  We design and cultivate a service identifying the required personality traits and experience of Officers best matched to meet the site requirements and client expectations.

Security Officers are carefully screened and selected, meticulously trained, continually monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure the professional delivery of our services meets the demands of our clients.

SSM Guard Services  include

  • Professional development of client lead corporate security philosophies
  • Formulating and implementing asset, property and personal security strategies and policies
  • Continual review of implementation and management of security contracts
  • Developing site and client specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Identifying risk management issues
  • Development of reporting mechanisims